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One of the subsidiary companies of Frangar Holding is Zerfam, which operates in the field of investment and development of financial resources and increasing productivity in the financial performance of holding companies. The scope of its activities includes the study of investment plans, providing credits, investing or acquiring shares of the companies in question, strategic management of financial resources and increasing the efficiency of financial performance of companies. This company creates value and wealth in Iran and the region through the use of world-class knowledge in the field of economic studies, new methods of providing capital, the use of financial management standards and the use of new methods of financial management, as well as the use of the potential of educated and talented human resources of the country. to do

Amin Zarafam's commercial activities

Food industry

One of the brands of food products belonging to "Amin Zarfam Capital Development" company is "Zarfam rice" products.

Cosmetics industry

A collection of disinfectant and sanitary products under the brand name and brand of "Hippopak" belonging to Zarfam Hive Technology Development Company.

construction industry

A collection of construction products under the trade name and brand "Mixonal" belonging to Pouyan Besuf Faranger Company.

Chemical and polymer industries

Vanil ester resin for RTM production processes with the trade name and brand "Simix" owned by the company "Zarfam Hive Technology Development".

Our commitment in “Amin Zarafam Capital Development” company is to increase the assets and profitability of our customers with trustworthiness and expertise.

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Address: No. 26, 10th floor, Unit 10A, No. 26, East Daneshvar St., North Shiraz St., Mollasadra St., Vanak Square, Tehran
Phone: 02188617784 / 02188617785

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